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 Sharing the central bank’s view on the backing of the project, the benefits to the economy and the implications of committing to such a bold, first-of-its-kind initiative.

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 What commercial opportunities will P27 create for the various stakeholders, and what benefits will it bring to support increased trade. A discussion with a breadth of FS and business stakeholders to discuss goals, expectations and features such as lower costs, reduced fraud, improved visibility, supporting instant payments.

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 An overview of the principles and guidelines, including inclusivity, transparency, shared control and collaboration.

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 P27 is a unique, bold and pioneering project but what can learned from other initiatives? This panel discussion will outline any learnings there are from other regions in terms of a collaborative approach, and also how P27 may trigger similar projects elsewhere, globally.

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 What exactly happens next and who needs to do what to forge ahead and keep momentum and stakeholder engagement growing.

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 From bringing the rulebook into play to realising the aims, the panel will discuss the outlook and key milestones for stakeholders.

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